Associated Student Body

TVLA Associated Student Body (ASB)


At TVLA, we have a student body that oversees the school-wide activities that improve our school’s culture. Some of these include fundraising, school celebrations, and other perks to accommodate our student's environment.



To fundraise for Idaho Gives in May, we battled it out in a Penny Wars challenge. The rules were simple; Don’t get any silver change. ONLY pennies were acceptable, however, other mentor groups could use some silver change to sabotage their competitors. The donations were sent to the Advocates Against Family Violence.


School Celebrations 

To celebrate our accomplishments of the year, we have planned many different events such as the Going Green Party. This event specifically celebrated our accomplishments in the Summit Learning Platform. This included the theme of the color green because when a project or assignment is complete it would turn green.


Other responsibilities of ASB:

  • Student/Peer Tutoring for challenging Focus Areas in the Summit Learning Platform
  • Ideas of Extra Curricular activities (Ie. Chess club, Music and Theater Club, etc.)
  • Positive Culture Club (Plans out activities that spread awareness or certain events (Mental Health Awareness, Idaho Gives, or Nice Notes Mailbox and Be Kind Month).
  • More to come.