Parents / Students

  • EVERY student will have an academic coach who understands the students’ needs and aspirations. This teacher mentor will help the student plan their academic, college, and career goals as well as mentor the student to develop a growth mindset, emotional intelligence and self-agency.
  • TVLA students will learn in a project based environment which will allow them to learn key concepts by applying them to real life scenarios.
  • TVLA students will take core subjects like Social Studies, Math, English, Science and Electives, but TVLA does not offer the full range of electives as the other high schools in the Nampa School District.
  • TVLA students will still participate in sports and extra curricular activities at their neighborhood high school.
  • TVLA students will be able to show their competencies in subject areas and move through the learning at a pace that suits their needs.
  • TVLA students will learn how to be flexible with their schedules and work with their mentors to develop a learning schedule that works best for them.
  • TVLA students will learn how to be good stewards of their community and will gain the skills necessary to become active community leaders.