NSD Acceptable Use Agreement

The Nampa School District is utilizing a paperless manner of collecting the Acceptable Use Agreement as well as the Optional Insurance Agreement.

In the online form, you will be asked to review the device agreement and optional insurance agreement. Parents and students will need to sign all agreements. If you have multiple students at any Nampa Personalized Learning schools, each student will need to sign the agreement. For example, if you have students at Columbia, Reagan, and East you will need 3 signatures. Insurance agreements for multiple students can be paid with just 1 payment. Please use the link below to access the form from any device. 

 The Agreement Forms can be accessed at


Device insurance will be available in the survey. If you have decided after the agreement to add the insurance, here are the instructions:

  • To pay by check, make check out to Nampa School District and bring it tot the TVLA office.
  • To pay by cash, just bring it in to the TVLA office (NOTE: We will not be able to make change)
  • To Pay by credit/debit click on   and you will be taken to another secure site to enter your payment information.
  1. Click the Plus+ button to add student's information

    Note: If you have more than one student receiving a device you can pay for all students' insurance at one-time.

  2. Enter your payment information
  3. Click Pay$ total due amount when finished (if you don't see a Pay $ button, please Click the Plus+ button at the top and complete your information)