Q. Are you an Alternative School?
A. No, we are not. TVLA is a school of choice in the Nampa School District. Students and families choose to apply for enrollment. 

Q. Do you offer credit recovery?
A. No, TVLA is not set up to perform credit recovery for students. We support students during the year to engage in their courses and earn their credit. Students applying after 9th grade should be on track for credits. 

Q. Are you college prep?
A. Yes we are actively preparing students to be successful in their post-secondary education. TVLA students learn skills in the habits of success and self-advocacy. We believe all students have the right to be prepared for success in college.

Q. Will my student meet graduation requirements?
A. Yes, we offer core subjects to students that meet Idaho graduation requirements. In the interest of personalization, some content or courses may be offered through other resources such as Idaho Digital Learning Academy.

Q. What electives do you offer?
A. TVLA offers electives based on student need or demand. Generally, we offer electives in Computer Science, Creative Writing, World Cultures, and Community Engagement.

Q. What is Personalized Learning?
A. Personalized Learning means many things to many people. At TVLA, most of our content is separated into either Projects or Focus Areas. In Projects, students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge through task-based assessment (Show what you know). In Personal Learning Time, students can access core content at their pace and need, which is often accelerated and not reliant on a class pace.

Q. Do you offer college credits?
A. Upper-level courses have options for Dual Credit.

Q. Is transportation available?
A. Yes, we offer transportation within the Nampa School District.

Q. Is school lunch available?
A. Yes, we have the same nutrition services as the Nampa School District.

Q. What are your behavior guidelines?
A. TVLA follows the Nampa School District behavior guidelines set in the student handbook. Whenever possible we follow Restorative Practices, but we do hold students to the expectation that they are ready to learn.